Home Remodeling

A house is not just a house – it’s a home. It’s your personal sanctuary from the outside world. As time goes on, many homeowners envision something new and different for their home. When those changes are major, it’s time to call in the remodeling professionals. 

Over the last three decades, we have established ourselves as a trusted contractor for home remodeling services in the Davis, Dixon, and Woodland areas. If you can picture it, our experienced draftsman will create the raw plans and we’ll build your perfect home remodel. 

Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen is the center of your home, a place where family and friends come together to make happy memories. For those who like to cook and entertain, having a spacious and up to date kitchen is a must. Modern kitchens typically incorporate open floor plans, which help create an environment where cooking is fun. The plan often includes a large island with storage underneath and free flowing areas between the kitchen, living room and dining room. This makes for a more appealing and inviting space to gather around while having your meal. 

Some of the other features commonly integrated into a kitchen remodel are refurbished cabinets and countertops, new appliances, a pantry, upgraded floor finishes and an improved layout. A more usable and efficient kitchen workspace is not just a great investment opportunity, it’s something you will be enjoying for many years to come.

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom bookends your day, and is a place to refresh and rejuvenate. It can be your personal oasis. It is one of the most used rooms in a house, so why not turn it into that comfortable retreat you’ve always wanted?

Bathroom makeovers can include a walk-in shower, free standing soaking tub, dual sinks, updated tile, faucets and lighting, even a skylight. Little custom touches like creating a recessed nook for your towel holder make a bath both useful and elegant. Opening the room up, making it lighter and more spacious, also has a positive effect on one’s mood. 

A remodeled bathroom helps you sell your home more quickly and for a higher price. When you work with us we handle every aspect of your bathroom remodel, so you can get through the project with as little stress as possible.

Custom Remodeling

Remodeling isn’t just for one space of your house; we renovate anything and everything including entryways, living rooms, saunas, or outdoor living spaces. We can transform any part of your existing space to make it reflect your unique vision and taste. 

So whether it’s a whole house renovation or you’re only looking to remake certain parts of your home, give us a call. We can handle virtually any remodeling project you can envision:

  • wine rooms
  • home theater 
  • custom garage storage
  • garage floor treatments
  • drywall retexturing
  • whole house fans
  • safe room
  • concealed storage and home safes
  • custom desk units, closets and shelving
  • Also, mudroom, laundry room, even pet rooms! 

 If you can name it, we’ve probably done it! 

Lighting & Electrical

Faulty or outdated wiring is the main cause of electrical fires in your home. If your home is more than 20 years old, chances are the wiring system is too old to deal with the burden of all the electronics you use every day. Unless you have experience, an electrical project is not something you’ll want to tackle on your own.

To keep your electrical system safe, we recommend certain upgrades.  Moving from two pronged outlets to three-pronged (grounded) outlets help protect you from power surges, shocks and fire hazard. These ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI), as well as another type of circuit breaker outlet (called an AFCI or Arc Fault) are simple electrical upgrades than make your home much safer. Replacing old outlets with GFCI and AFCI ones is the new standard for home construction. 

A home renovation project — which involves opening walls and ceilings – is the perfect time to update your electrical system. We are proud to have a veteran Class B California licensed Electrician on our team. So rest assured you are in good hands.

Other Lighting Projects

Bringing more light into your home helps make your home a happier and healthier place. Here are some of the other lighting related work we have done over the years:

  • LED lighting. LED’s aren’t just energy efficient, they provide great lighting and last much longer too. Great for illuminating overhead cabinets and lending accent lighting where needed.
  • Smart home motion sensor switches.  Turn lights and appliances on and off.  Have greater safety, convenience, and security, all the while saving energy.
  • Installation of skylights, sun-tunnels and solar tubes are the perfect way to bring sunlight in! Having natural lighting is like having an extra window your house. 

Let's build something together!

You have many choices when it comes to remodeling services. When you work with us, you can expect to work with professionals who have decades of experience designing and building kitchens of all types and sizes. We can help you design the perfect kitchen that best suits your family, style, and budget.

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